Formula No.12

For Gout and Diseases of Vata etc.
The food especially protein that we eat are digested in stomach. But due to reduced digestive power of stomach, it is unable to properly digest proteins in rich food. More and more uric acid, which is end product of protein, is produced and directly mixes with blood, elevates blood uric acid and level. During circulation, that uric acid is deposited in diffent joints of body & that is known as Gout. Symptoms as reduced blood circulation, inflammation of joints, painful joints, Tophys formation of fingers joint, Dryness of body, Stiffness of joints, inflammation of body parts, backache, joint pain., knee joint and bodyache etc. and permanent functioning of joints. Reduced blood circulation may cause paralysis, hemiplegia etc. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in curing and removing the above written symtoms and makes the body healthy.

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