Formula No.11

For Himalya Ayurvedic Special Badshahi Tila
If, Mastmbation, Sodomy, intercourse with prostitutes are performed in adolescent stage, those develop distorted heat. That distoned heat invades urethra and veins of penis which causes weakness of blood vessels of penis. Following symptoms may be developed , such as improper erection of penis, Penis becomes short, thin, contracted and may be diverted to Right or Left. Flakiness of penis, recurrent . discharge, no erection for proper intercourse. But, if special Badhshahi Tila medicine is applied then it removes above written all problems and tones up the penis and improves its length & diameter and also improves its blood circulation.
The WOMEN who give breast feed , their breasts become flabby, develop fat & there is loss of shape of breasts. Application of Badshahi Tila causes improvement of blood circulation of breasts, shape up these & tightness occurs. It may be applied over vagina and that causes tightness of vagina. BADEHAHI TILA TREATMENT FOR 45 TO 60DAYS 
DIRECTION:- mix additional medicine according to need & gently massage this oil before going to sleep

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