Formula No.21

For Eye-Diseases and Psychiatric Disorders

There are various causes which create various types of eye diseases. Such as weakness of musculature of eye ball, optic nerve, brain, excess of mental burden, more study burden, to see micro-scopic things, more constipation, cold, corezya, under psychiatric problems, excessive use of Tabasco and Alcohol,
Ageing, strong head injury etc. Short eye sight and distant eye sight weakness, unable to see small words, darkness, mud headache,tiredness during Beaming and to see small things, spectacles at small age. Night blindness, Epiphora, itching sensation in eye, mental weakness to forget the things,
restlessness, vertigo. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in psychiatric problems. It tones up the brain and heart and improves the eye sight and removes me spectacles and makes
the body healthy. The method and quantity of taking medication is confidential

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