Formula No.20


Male and Female both can use Panchratan in any age. Spedal Panchratan can cure and eradicate various following serious disorders like :- Cardiac diseases, hypertension, Diabetes melitus, Asthma, Psychiatric problems, Paralysis, High Uric Acid in blood, Gout, Fatiness, Hi-choleslrol, Lecorrhia etc. develops body weakness, digestive powerdecreases. Loss of appetite, Aplastic anaemia, Jaundice, Emaciated body, weakness in sexual power in males, retaining power of brain down, laziness of body. All above problems are cured by this fomruia which develops fresh blood, keeps body healthy. This formula can also be used by healthy individuds, and for ever immunity develops against above disorders.
Sexual power of man makes persistence unto old age.

The method and quantity of taking medication is confidential(1) Panchratn (2) market medicine postik rasayan

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