Formula No.17

For Gas Trouble and Hyperacidity
All types of food, we eat propel stomach by oseophgeal peristalic movement. Due to distorted vats, such food material remain undigested and remain in stomach for long time & get decomposed and develop hyperacidity and gas. Symptoms like :- Abdominal distortion, weakness in intestine mobility, intake food remains undigested, Dysentry develops, Hepatitic disorder, oseophygeal and Retrosternal burning, Regurgitation, Reflux, Restlessness, Palpitation, Headache, burning sensation of eye, Abdominal pain, Hyperacidity, Enteritis, Gastric ulcers etc. If these are not treated, then more serious problems like blood pressure, Jaundice etc. develop. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in all gastric problems and improves the digestion and makes the body healthy.
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