Formula no: 1

For High-Low Blood Pressure and Cardiac Diseases
Pathologically Blood Pressure are of 2 types:- Hi-Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and Low Blood Pressure.
Low Blood Pressure:- The hypotension of peripheral blood vessels causes vasodilatation which results in low blood pressure. Symptoms like Headache, Restlessness, Nausea, Laziness etc.
Hypertension:- Pathological value of cholesterol deposited in peripheral and cranial blood vessels that causes sclerosis and contraction of blood vessels. Cardiac output increases to compensate for their work, resulting in Peripheral Blood Pressure increase, known as Hypertension.
Symptoms: like Cardiac pain, Vertigo, Restlessness, Giddiness, Heart attack.
Low and High Blood Pressure if not treated can create more serious problems like Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Brain Haemorrhage etc. The medicinal contents of this formula cure the cardiac diseases, control the blood pressures and normalizes the blood cholesterol value and also makes the body healthy.MEDICINE QUANTITY (1)Amber 20Gram (2) Tejbal Buti 30Gram (3) Siddh Kamdhenu 20Gram (4) Johar Buti 10Gram
औषधिया (1)अम्बर 20ग्राम (2) तेजबल बूटी 30ग्राम (3)सिद्ध कामधेनु 20ग्राम (4) जौहर बूटी 10ग्राम

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