Formula no: 10

Randori Burl Ras
Scalp produces a different type of protein which interacts he hair in hair policies. This protein is responsible for the tight attachment of hair to the scalp. But the application of different soaps, shampoos, oils destroy that protein and weakens the attachment of hair, resulting in the falling of hair, dandruff, continued headache, double-headed hair, early maturation of hair, ultimately resulting In baldness. Application of Randori Buts Ras regenerates that protein which makes strong attachment of hair with scalp and hair becomes long, black and thick.Medicine Quantity (1)
Randhori Buti Ras 10 Goli (2) Baraf Ka Phool 5Goli Lohikesh Buti according to age.
औषधि मात्रा रंधोरी बूटी रस 10 गोली , बर्फ का फूल 5 गोली , लोहिकेश बूटी आयु के मुताबिक

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