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Ayurvedic Special Johar Ishq Ambar
Most of the males are suffering from these symptoms, like tiredness after one or two intercourses, Delayed erection of the penis, etc which occur due to excessive use of narcotic drugs and doing intercourse after taking drugs, excessive intake of spicy and hot things, masturbation, and pollution etc. are the causes which increase the heat of our body and seminal discharge becomes watery. The amount of discharge also decreases. The time period of intercourse is reduced and results in early discharge. There is no satisfaction of sex between male and female. Special Johan Ishq Ambar is very useful in these problems and man can do 4-5 times intercourse in the same night without any tiredness or laziness. This medicine is useful in increasing the density of semen and also improves the erection of the penis. During intercourse, the male and female get properly satisfied. The method and quantity of taking medication are confidential:Medicine Quantity
Johar Ishk Amber 100 Gram
औषधि मात्रा जौहर इश्क़ अम्बर 100 ग्राम

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