Formula no: 15

For Fat loss Himalaya Ayurvedic Fattiness Treatment(Obesity)
The food which we eat, after digestion, is used in nourishing all components of our body. But weak digestive power is unable to nurse all components of the body, but only one component -fat is much more nursed. That is why fat is increased more and more.
Increased fat during circulation is deposited in various locations of the body. Such as Abdomen, loin region, Neck, Buttocks etc. and the body becomes heavy, bulky. Breathing problems occur during walking. The laziness of body, Tiredness, Knee joint pains, constipation, gas trouble, the heaviness of head, Restlessness, the Distorted shape of the body, all result from excessive fat. Fattiness has a great role in the elevation of the cholesterol value in blood and developed various diseases, like Blood Pressure, Cardiac diseases. Deposited Cholesterol in blood vessels causes narrowing of blood vessels resulting in the hewn attack. The medicinal contents of this formula reduce fatness, reduces the body weight and normalizes the blood cholesterol values and reduce the chance of recurrence of these diseases.Medicine Quantity (1) Shilajit 20 Gram (2) Regmai Buti 20 Gram (3) Johar Ishk Amber 20 Gram (4) Siddh Kamdhenu 30 Gram (5) Sobhai 30 Gram
औषधि मात्रा शिलाजीत 20 ग्राम , रेगमाई 20 ग्राम , जौहर इश्क़ अम्बर 20 ग्राम , सिद्दकामधेनू 30 ग्राम , सोभाई 30 ग्राम

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