Formula no: 19

For Hernia and Tumour
When distorted intestine, fat, vats, and fluid etc. are upset from their positions, they capture another position called Hernia in Ayurveda.

These are various types:
Testicles are enlarged due to fluid, air, fat and mass. causing pain, inflammation, somniferous enlargement. Tumour, fat, neoplasms in testis. Distorted vats and fluid are also able to make Tumour like testis.
The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful in Hernia and Tumour. Also, prevent recurrence of Hernia and Tumour.

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Medicine Quantity
(1)​Shilajit 20 Gram (2) Amber 20 Gram (3) Ashwani Rasayan 20 Gram (4) Navratan Buti 15 Gram
शिलाजीत 20 ग्राम , अम्बर 20 ग्राम , अशवनी रसायन 20 ग्राम , नवरत्न बूटी 15 ग्राम

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