Formula no: 2

For Diabetes Mellitus

Deficiency of insulin causes Diabetes Mellitus which occurs due to disorder or Pancreas and Spleen. Symptoms of this disease:- Poly Urea, Glyco Urea, Blood Sugar, Vertigo, Body ache, Eyesight weakness, Backache, Joint-pain, General Malaise.
If not treated then it becomes chronical & that causes cardiac diseases, Renal diseases, Hypertension, Decreases the Healing power of wound and converts into unhealed ulcers. The medicinal contents of this formula are very useful for diabetic patients. This medicine cures diabetes and also both Insulin Depended on Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) and Non-Insulin Depended on Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) disorders and improves pancreatic functioning and normalizes the blood sugar values and makes the body healthy.

MEDICINE QUANTITY (1) Shilajit 30Gram (2) Penkrij Buti 20Gram (3) Ashwani Rasayan 20Gram (4) Navjivan Buti 30Gram
औषधिया (1) शिलाजीत 30ग्राम (2) पेनक्रिज बूटी 20ग्राम (3) अश्वनी रसायन 20ग्राम (4) नवजीवन बूटी 30ग्राम

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