Formula no: 7

For Leucoderma and All Type Skin Diseases
Leucoderma occurs due to nursing disorders of the skin. The weakness of digestive power of skin causes improper digestion of skin meal that forms in digestive Kapha which forms white patches.
Symptoms like small, large reddish, blackish patches appear. Skin diseases like Fungal infection, Ringworm infection, Scabies, eczema, boils etc. If not treated, these diseases convert into serious skin diseases. The medicinal contents of this formula remove these diseases from roots.Medicine Quantity
(1) Shilajit 30 Gram (2) Lohikesh Buti 20 Gram (3) Tribhuj Ras 20 Gram (4) Holhan Buti 20 Gram (5) Navratan Buti 20 Gram
औषधि मात्रा शिलाजीत 30ग्राम , लोहिकेश बूटी 20ग्राम , त्रिभुज रस 20ग्राम , होलहन बूटी 20ग्राम , नवरत्न बूटी 20ग्राम

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