Formula no: 8

General Tonic
This general tonic is very useful in following disorders such as any type of body weakness, indigestion, Hepatitic disorder, Loss of appetite,Hypoproteinemia, Bodyache, Vertigo, reduced retaining power, Eye-sight weakness, application of spectacles, mental and cardiac weakness, Tumour, Decalcification of bones, noctumal discharge overnight fall due to distorted heat or mental weakness.
This general tonic is used to remove all above disorders and tones up our body and semen composition. It improves the sexual power of male markedly and the body becomes fresh like Rose Flower. This tonic may be used by healthy individual and prevents the occurrence of Diabetes Mellitus and blood pressure etc. This general tonic may be used by both male and female, Boy Girls, Shemale.#Medicine #Quantity
(1) Shilajit 10 Gram (2) Johar Ishak Amber 30 Gram (3) Chandrodaya Buti 30 Gram (4) Pancharatan 20 Gram
औषधि मात्रा शिलाजित 10 ग्राम जौहर इश्क़ अम्बर 40 ग्राम चन्द्रोदया बूटी 30 ग्राम पंचरत्न 30 ग्राम

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