Formula 18

Himalaya Aayurvedic Special SADA-MASTANA PILLS

This formula is a complex of various precious herbs. Some males hurt their body by their own hands and invite various problems. Such as excessive drinking, intercourse with prostitutes, masturbation, Sodomy. Early old age, Diabetes melitus, fatlness, etc. are the causes of recurrent discharge of penis, Reduced Blood supply of penis, Divined and shortness of Penis, loss of erection power, Flabiness of Penis, mental weakness etc. develop. If these are not treated early, more serious problems also develop such as loss of erection power, loss of libido. Then both male and female are not able to satisfy each other. When sperm count reduces, Oligospenmia, nacrospermia develop – known as impotency. The Sada Mastani Pills are very useful in these disorders and remove the above shown diseases and improve the sexual power unto old age. These pills are also used with other formula which increases its potency many times.

The method and quantity of taking medication is confidential(1) Sada mastana pills (2) market medicine ratangarb potli ras (3) elaichi Direction :-take this medicine with butter or milk for 60 days

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